Mistakes to Avoid on your Local Business Website 

Your business website is a key factor in your company’s success so it’s important to not only know what to do but what not to do. There are common mistakes that businesses make on their websites and these mistakes can be detrimental to sales and profits. Don’t worry, most of these mistakes are easily avoidable if you know what you’re doing. These are some common and avoidable mistake made by many local businesses:

1. Not Hiring a Professional

Knowing how crucial your website is for business, why risk having one that is anything less than professional and user-friendly? Far too many people see their business website as an opportunity to try out their amateur site-building skills. While learning about web design is always a fantastic idea, don’t make a gamble on your future and your company’s success. Use the tools available to you and in this case, that’s a professional. 
There are highly qualified and talented individuals who specialize in web design. They can help you optimize your search ranking, help you build reviews, and offer suggestions and guidance on basically every aspect of web development and upkeep. Hiring a professional is a wise investment in the future of your company. Having a non-professional construct a poorly working or mismanaged site is a mistake you can’t afford to make.

2. Not Being Mobile-Friendly

The truth is that every day more and more people are using their mobile devices to search for information. These are often times individuals on-the-go who are looking to make immediate buying decisions and this is a huge demographic you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Even if your website is technically mobile-friendly, if there are any glitches or inconsistencies in information, you could be losing out on valuable sales opportunities. We are living in an age where people are bombarded with information and easily distracted. Make sure that you aren’t losing out to competitors by ensuring your website is compatible with any and all devices. The best way to do this is by having a responsive website, where the layout is able to seamlessly adjust to the screen size of whatever device an individual may be using. Responsive web design is another key reason to hire a professional.

3. Out of Date or an Excess of Information

Your website is a representative of your business! Not only should the design be professional, sleek, and user-friendly, but your content should effectively and accurately reflect your products or services. Keeping up to date on events, promotions, company news, etc. is crucial in showing visitors that you are constantly updating your site and have an active presence in your company.

Having too much information and content can also be problematic on a website. With so many distractions available online consumers want to be able to gather the information they need quickly. Efficient, straightforward, minimal content that captivates visitors while providing information can help turn site visitors into customers and increase your conversion.

Running an effective website means knowing what mistakes to avoid; your business site should be an accurate reflection of the quality and professionalism of your company. Learning more about website do’s and don’ts can lead to a website that boosts sales, intrigues visitors, and increases conversion. 

There is a lot more to take in consideretion but the following is an example of how a local business website in any industry should look.

Check the following site to see a live example: www.roofingcalls.info 

What every local or small business website should have?

1) A way of collecting the information from visitors and prospects.

As the example below shows. (This particular design allows you to integrate your free email account like gmail with your website.)

2) Mobile friendly, optimized for desktop as for mobile phones

3) Clear description of your services.

4) Simple calls to action. Could be making phone calls or entering emails


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